Mahapatra Sir Vaziram & Ravi – Sociology Optional – Handwritten Class Notes – Latest 2018


VMahapatra Sir Vaziram & Ravi – Sociology Optional – Handwritten Class Notes

Number of booklets – 6
Vajiram – Sociology (Optional) – Mahapatra Sir – Handwritten Class Notes is class lecture notes of Mahapatra sir on sociology optional. Mahapatra Sir is faculty for sociology at VAjiram & Ravi – a premier Delhi Based Institute for civil services examination preparation.

Sociology is the result of cooperation and intractions originate from socialisation.sociology happens around us subject created sociological bits of knowledge and help us translate social reality.

humanism begin with sound judgment and yet goes past to break down social reality with sociasl understanding.

a.Book1:- Sociology- The discipline
b.Book 2:- Sociology (Thinkers)
c.Book 3:- Impact of colonial rule on Indian Society
d.Book 4:-Social Changes in India

Syllabus: UPSC Sociology

  1. Sociology – The Discipline:
    1. Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology.
    2. Scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences.
    3. Sociology and common sense.
  2. Impact of colonial rule on Indian society :
    1. Social background of Indian nationalism.
    2. Modernization of Indian tradition.
    3. Protests and movements during the colonial period.
    4. Social reforms.
  3. Sociological Thinkers:
    1. Karl Marx
      1. Historical materialism
      2. mode of production
      3. alienation
  4. Social Change in India:
    1. Idea of development planning and mixed economy.
    2. Constitution, law and social change.
    3. Education and social change.

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